Stefanie Rocknak
Figurative Wood Sculpture: Work in Progress

(Dec 2004-Feb 2005)
Biker's Head

This piece is part of a commissioned piece, "The Triathlete." The head will be mounted above a pair of arms (see the overall plan)

Although his expression will change as I finish the piece, hopefully the overall idea is transparent:
this man is working hard to bring his body under control.
As I mentioned earlier, this helmet was originally inspired by Bell's "Sweep" helmet. But I have made my helmet more angular and extended the tail back and up. I kept thinking of a barn-swallow's tail as I did this (as a I kid, I used to try to catch barn swallows (with a net); talk about mission-impossible. But I think they enjoyed the game as much as I did, coming dangerously close and then dodging away at the very last second).
Keep in mind that most of the neck will be cut off, at an angle.
All of the checks will be filled with wood and glue, and then sanded. They will look like stripes in the wood.
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