Figurehead in progress

Stages 1-3. In these beginning stages I rough out the general form of the figure. I have drawn his general outline on the wood as a very rough guide.

Stages 4-5. Without stagnating the general movement, I begin to work out the detail.

To see stages 6-10, click here )


Want to start carving? I use and recommend the following
tools, wood, and anatomy book:

Tools From Amazon (these are identical to the tools that I learned with, and continue to use. They are not very expensive, but they hold a good edge. The short handles work much better when it comes to working out details. )

More Tools from Amazon (I also use these tools)

Basswood from Rockler. This is the easiest wood to carve, by far. It holds the detail and is extremely soft.

A Photographic Anatomy Book From Amazon

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