The Runner in progress (begun in late July, 2004). To see drawings of plans for the entire project (The Triathlete), click here.
Yes, a big log: Green Basswood. It's barely moveable at this point.
So I entered the chainsaw age and bought myself an electric "husky." Now, you purists back off; I just don't have enough time to spend months laboring through the rough-cut stage, as enjoyable as mindlessly hacking on a piece of wood can sometimes be. This is not me sawing the wood however, it is Stephen F. Busche, local Oneonta do-everything guy. In a moment of clarity, I decided it would be best to not teach myself how to use a chainsaw, so I learned the basics later that summer from my father.
A very basic outline, which will change as I proceed (no need to agonize over the drawing; it's better to not copy as you go anyway)
After dragging this piece to Maine (it took three of us to get into my car), I chainsawed some more off. For the next rough-cut stage I used an angle grinder with a wood-cutting attachment (a blade, not the chain saw wheel). Yes, dangerous, but it worked quite well.
Working precariously on two sawhorses here. Out of laziness I did not put planks down and dropped this 80+ lb piece on my legs at least twice. That was not especially enjoyable.

I redraw as I go, just to keep a clear (although still general at this point) sense of what I am doing always in mind.
See page two of this piece in progress or page three or page four or page five or page six or page seven .

Click here to see the finished piece (although it is not attached to the back-piece).

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